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Ubuntu.stackexchange has passed the 1000 question milestone

After only 41 days, the Ubuntu stackexchange site has reached a new milstone - 1000 questions. Thanks for everybody who has participated so far. Please continue on to make sure we will reach more than 2000 questions before the end of the public beta.

More statistics:

  • more than 2700 answers
  • more than 2100 users
  • 95% of questions answered

Software Freedom Day in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

It is again the time of the year when we celebrate software freedom day!

This year the Software Freedom Day 2010 will occur in the Kwartlab. This event is a cooperation between Ubuntu Canada (Kitchener/Waterloo Chapter), KWLUG and the Working Centre.

Ubuntu stackexchange site will continue as it is

The Ubuntu stackexchange site will continue as it is, as its own entity, in parallel with the other site for Unix and Linux questions. Thanks for all the support so far from everybody who participated. We have now more than 2000 Users and coming close to 1000 questions of which 95% have been answered.

Please continue to help this site growing and make it a good place for Ubuntu users to find answers!

php5-mcrypt and php5-imap packages are now available for php5.2

I have finally managed to fix the problems with the installation of php5-mcrypt and php5-imap from my repository. However, it needs to be noted that the versions of those packages are 5.2.6, hence the pinning in the /etc/apt/preferences file must be done accordingly!

Ubuntu Beta is released

The Ubuntu Beta releases are out and need testing. For Kubuntu users the announcement is here. Testing can easily be done with testdrive. Please help to make the final release better by testing this beta!

Ubuntu Hour in Waterloo, Ontario on September 1, 2010

As Ubuntu Hour is starting to be a regular occurrence in the Waterloo region, the next one will be happening on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 8pm. The location will be Whole Lotta Gelata, probably a good place in this current heat wave in Southern Ontario :)

Global Jam in Kitchener, Ontario

On Saturday, 28th August 2010 1:00pm - 9:00pm at the kwartzlab, The Kitchener/Waterloo Chapter of Ubuntu Canada will participate in the Global Jam. Everybody is invited. We will have lots of fun, socializing and will learn and teach how everybody can help and contribute to the Ubuntu project.

If you are in Quebec, please look at our friends event in that part of Canada!

Ubuntu LAN Party at Kwartzlab was a lot of fun!

Kwartzlab got a new type of event which has been beta tested early this month: The Ubuntu LAN Party! Eric organised this first event, which remained solely within the realms of kwatzlab and gave the kwartlab members the privilege to attend this premiere.

Building a Ubuntu website on Stackexchange

Currently a lot of fantastic people from the Ubuntu Community are working to get an Ubuntu Q&A website a la stackoverflow created on stack exchange. We have already breezed through the definition phase and now need people who are committing to ask questions or answer them in the beta phase (in particular during the private beta phase that will last 7 days.

Therefore please, if you can, commit here that we can go into the next phase.

Thanks a lot!

Kubuntu Hug Day 27 May 2010

Announcing This Week's Kubuntu Bug Day Target - Kdepim - Thursday, May 27, 2010

This week's Bug Day target is kdepim!

* 131 New bugs need a hug

* 5 Incompletes bugs

* 24 Confirmed bugs need a review

Bookmark it, add it to your calendars, turn over those egg-timers!

* Thursday, 27 May 2010


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