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AskUbuntu reaches 2000 questions - 5000 answers - 4000 users - 20000 votes

Only 65 days after conception of the private beta after the proposal was accepted on Area 51, and after the successful launch as permanent Q&A site in our new Ubuntu design, we have reached the 2000 question threshold. Those 2000 questions have been answered to 93% with 5000 answers by 4000 users. 20000 votes have been cast for the questions and answers.

Our task now is, to make this site very useful not only for the Ubuntu community, but also for the people who are still sitting on the fence, who are intrigued by Linux, but have not yet gotten the feeling they will be as productive or more productive with Linux than their current proprietary technology they are using.

The challenge of this site is now to be an example of support and courtesy to our target communities, and I thank already everyone that has help to start the journey as well as all who will be participating in the future.

Here some more statistics from

# of questions: 2015
# of answers: 5060
# of comments: 6955
# of votes: 20112
# of badges: 5850
# of users: 4011

We have now crossed all the thresholds of my headline!



Though I applaud the desire to reach out to more people that are in need of assistance, I cannot imagine how this gets us any farther than our (Ubuntu's) own free and open Launchpad Answers site. If fact, it likely decouples user (support) issues from the development and QA processes even further. Solid engineering requires a closed-loop.

The "But Stack Exchange Helps Us Market Ubuntu" theme that has appeared in a few places is also misplaced. We do not market across the chasm by leading with a Q+A site, no matter how polite. (Those sitting on the fence have other support models.) We cross the chasm by eliminating the need for Q+A, and focusing on quality.

Having said that, it is at least better than using Ubuntu Forums and random Google searches for help. So in that small way, I do see progress.

in Vancouver.

While I think you are too narrowly focused on crossing a not very well defined chasm, this is probably a different discussion.

The biggest advantage of the Ubuntu community is the great diversity that we have. Not everybody is focusing on the same thing, not everybody is looking for the same thing. We are a big tend for lots of different people and communities.

Yes.. the launchpad answer module has its place, however, it is not without problems. Do you know that it is absolutely not maintained?

Furthermore, engineering is not everything. Communities do not always follow the model of engineering. In fact, often engineering is obstructing the development of communities.

A big part of support should be user-centric, not engineering centric. We want to help the user to deal with the current situation, not postpone a solution until an engineering solution is found and implemented.

Certainly, it would be nice to migrate questions from to the launchpad bugtracker, however we can solve this problem in due time.

In the mean time, if you really want to cross the chasm, whatever this means, I think you have better chances to archive this if you take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves, instead of seeing obstacles where there are none.